Welcome to Ophelia's Villa!

The villa will provide a space for connection, relaxation, and views of the best sunsets on the Placencia Peninsula. You will feel like you have your own private boutique-style resort with top of the line amenities and services.

The villa is located on a private residential street in the Maya Beach community and a short 300 yards from the blue waters of the Caribbean. Our guests enjoy beach access at several nearby beach parks and restaurants. Maya Beach is only 6 miles from the vibrant Placencia Village and jumping-off point for many of the fantastic excursions Belize has to offer.



We want you to enjoy your stay at Ophelia's Villa and appreciate you reading our guidelines. By reserving the villa, you and your guests, are agreeing to the following:

SECURITY DEPOSIT - WE DO NOT REQUIRE A SECURITY DEPOSIT. With that, please let us know if anything doesn't meet your expectations or if anything breaks, big or small. Simple items like replacing dishes can take a lot longer in Belize so we appreciate the notice so we can have replacements as soon as possible. We understand that sometimes accidents happen! if it's minor we usually won't charge. If it's a larger issue (e.g. the TV screen!) we would like to agree the cost with you before you leave to avoid any issues later.

CLEANING FEE- We charge a $250 cleaning fee that goes directly to our local team. We believe in providing fair and livable wages to our local team in Belize. In addition to our employee's receiving their hourly rate, they also receive the entire cleaning fee for each stay. We do ask you follow the simple check-out guidelines.

LIABILITY WAIVER - By making your reservation you and the other members in your party as THE GUESTS agree to release THE HOSTS from all liability, including financial responsibility, relating to injuries & personal property damage that may occur during your stay. You understand that the property is immersed in nature and that wildlife is a part of the experience. You also understand that using the pool, kayaks, bikes available on the property is at your own risk. You accept full responsibility for any bodily injury arising while on the property and hold owner harmless.

NO SMOKING PROPERTY - This is a smoke-free property. Violation of the no-smoking policy will result in a $100 smoking fee, and liability for any fire or property damage costs.

GUEST OCCUPANCY - We have a strict policy of no more than the indicated guests (up to 9) and unregistered guests are not allowed on property. This is a Belize Tourism Board guideline.

Noise Expectations - This is a home to enjoy nature and each other, not a party house. We do have neighbors and voices carry, especially in the shores of the lagoon and directly to our immediate neighbors ears. Our full time resident neighbors enjoy the peace and quiet of the area, please follow their example and keep outdoor noise and especially poolside music at a low level.

No amplified music outside after 8pm, and excessive late night noise after 9pm will not be tolerated by our community of neighbors (who are our friends). Unplug and enjoy the sounds of the birds, the breeze, fish jumping in the lagoon and the rustling of the trees.

An awkward and sensitive topic is domestic arguments and disputes. We have had them occur at the villa and our neighbors can hear these situations. Please note that if dispute occurs during your visit, we have instructed our neighbors to call the local police.

Limit Light Pollution- We love stargazing and there is little light pollution in the area. We ask that you be respectful of using outdoor lights. Please use them if you need them but DO NOT leave rooftop lights, veranda lights, and string lights on overnight. This is an annoyance to our neighborhood. If you choose to enjoy the stars outside after 9pm please be mindful of noise levels.

Neighboring Properties- Please do not walk on property of any of our neighbors unless invited. We want you to have fun AND be respectful of the neighborhood.


You are in Nature - The Placencia Lagoon is at your front door for exploration in the complimentary kayaks. No swimming in lagoon and kayak at your own risk.

Stairs and Railings - Please be aware the villa has lots of stairs and railings. The pool area is NOT gated and guests have unobstructed access to the Placencia Lagoon. These areas pose risk to unattended small children and non-swimmers. The pool patio has some drop offs to the sand ground and the patios are all concrete and tile. Use the area and furniture at your own risk.

Regular Maintenance- For safety, we check all furniture and amenities prior to each guest arrival. Please let us know immediately if something is broken. The villa is unsuitable for elderly or infirm and is wheelchair inaccessible.

Environment Sensor- To ensure you have a wonderful stay, we have equipped the villa with environment sensors, located in common areas. The sensors monitor temperature, humidity, cigarette smoke, and noise, helping us keep our home and neighborhood safe, healthy, and comfortable. As we respect your privacy, we chose a device that is 100% privacy safe. It is camera-free (we have NO cameras on our property) and does not record any sounds, images, or personal data. We will notify you if any environmental conditions need to be addressed, such as noise decibels exceeding the pre-approved threshold or excess humidity in the home.


Staff- Our staff do NOT live onsite. Our staff will come onsite 2-3 days per week to water plants, perform grounds keeping duties, general maintenance, pool cleaning. The staff will not come inside the villa unless invited. While we try and provide advance notice we can't guarantee.