Ophelia’s Villa is Belize Tourism Board Gold Standard Certified!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which airlines serve Belize?

American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta, US Airways, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Copa Air and Avianca (formerly known as TACA) all fly into Belize. Additionally, Belizean carrier Tropic Air and Maya air serves Belize to and from Flores, Guatemala City, San Pedro Sula, and Cancun.

Are pets welcome at Ophelia’s Villa?

While we love our furry friends, we have a no pet policy. Thanks for your understanding.

Are children welcome at Ophelia’s Villa?

Yes, families are welcome! In fact, our villa was designed with families in mind. We do have lots of stairs and unobstructed access to the pool and lagoon so please ensure kids are supervised around the villa. We provide books, games, a high chair, crib, pool floats, and many outdoor activities for adults and kids.

Is there Internet access at Ophelia’s Villa?

Yes, we provide the fasted fiber wireless internet available in Placencia.

Is there air conditioning at Ophelia’s Villa?

Yes, it gets hot here! The main living area and each bedroom has an air conditioning unit. All the verandas have fans.

Do I need to brush up on my Spanish?

No, Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the primary language

After I land at the Belize International Airport, how do I get to Ophelia’s Villa?

You can book a domestic flight from Belize International Airport to Placencia, hire a shuttle service, or rent a car for the 3 hr drive. Contact opheliasvillabelize@gmail.com if you are not sure the best option for your group.

Do I need a passport or visa?

A valid passport and return ticket are necessary for entry into Belize. No visas are required for citizens of the United States, British Commonwealth nations, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Uruguay. You can see full entry details here: https://www.belize.com/belize-visa

How long can I stay in Belize while visiting?

Visitors can stay for 30 days with the visitor’s permit issued upon arrival. If you decide you love Belize and want to stay longer, you can request a one (1), two (2), or three (3) month extension from the Immigration and Nationality Department at $200.00 BZD per month. Prospective immigrants can renew as needed or eventually decide to apply for Belize Permanent Residency.

What are the people like in Belize?

Belize is a very diverse country, populated by Mestizos (44%), Creole (30%), Mayan/Indian (11%), and Garifuna people (7%). The remaining 8% of the population is made up of North Americans, Europeans, and Asians. While people live rather harmoniously, there are distinct cultural differences that can be seen in towns throughout the country. The people of Belize make this country so special.

Is it safe in Placencia?

Belize is a developing country, and the Placencia Peninsula is a little isolated, so you should be aware that you may not have access to the services you are accustomed to at home. Placencia Village has a nurse and family doctor and it is a 15-minute drive from Ophelia’s Villa. Please take precautions to safeguard yourself and your belongings when you travel. We recommend leaving unnecessary valuable items at home.

Are there a lot of bugs in the area?

It depends on the season. Rainy season tends to bring more mosquitoes. Sandflies (no see’ums) and mosquitoes are sometimes present, but well-maintained beaches do help keep the bugs at bay. Our property grounds are well maintained, which reduces the number of bugs. DEET-based repellents work very well to repel mosquitoes. To protect yourself from no see-ums, we recommend an oil based products like Avon Skin-So-Soft’s Bug Guard.

Will my cell phone work?

The main mobile provider in Belize uses GSM technology. If you have a phone with a SIM card, and you have a plan that allows international roaming, most likely your phone will work but remember that calls while roaming may be expensive. We recommend using wifi calling or WhatsApp to avoid charges.

What if I need an Uber or a taxi?

Uber and Lyft services are not available in Belize. Taxi service is available in and around Placencia. If you need a taxi, you can find contact information at the villa. If you know that you will need a taxi for a specific time/day, it is best to book in advance.

How do we get to Ophelia’s Villa upon arrival at the Placencia Airport?

You can sometimes request a rental or golf cart to be waiting at the Placencia airport. If this is not an option, some guests will taxi to the rental car or golf cart rental location. If the rental location isn’t open on your day of arrival, you can taxi to Ophelia’s Villa and request the car or golf cart to be dropped off at the villa when they open.

Do I need a car or golf car while staying at Ophelia’s Villa?

While we have had lots of guest not rent a car or golf cart during their stay, we do recommend a mode of transportation to provide flexibility to travel around the Placencia Peninsula. We provide complimentary bikes to use around Maya Beach. If you want to fly to Placencia and then rent a car or golf cart, you can do it through a local rental company called Barefoot Rentals or Budget. Cars rent for $70-120 US dollars per day. Golf carts are around $60.

What about power and electrical appliances?

Electricity in Belize is 110V/60Hz (same as the US). Voltage variations and surges can occur, and we suggest that you bear that in mind if you are planning to use your laptop computer or other electronic devices. An Irons and hair dryers are available at the villa.

Should I exchange money before I come?

In Belize, there is no need to have anything but US dollars when you arrive. There is a fixed rate for the Belize dollar (BZ $) against the US dollar (roughly 2 BZ$ = 1 US$). Most establishments will accept US dollars and will give you change in Belize dollars. TRAVELERS CHECKS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED. There are three ATMs in Placencia Village and one ATM in Seine Bight Village. Our recommendation is to bring a little cash for small businesses but rely on your credit card for security. If you are traveling from outside the United States, you should exchange your own currency into US dollars before you come.

What about vaccinations for traveling?

There are some diseases in Belize that you can be vaccinated against before your trip. These include Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Tetanus, and Influenza. Ask your doctor which vaccinations are currently recommended or visit an immunization clinic. We encourage everyone to obtain a covid vaccination.

What will the weather be like?

The climate here is subtropical. The temperature is almost always in the low 80s to low 90s during the day. In the summer, nights are very warm and in the winter there is more relief from the heat with temperatures dropping in to the high 60s and low 70s overnight. There is normally less rain between the months of November and April but there is a chance of rain year-round and especially in the summer.

Do you get hurricanes?

Tropical storms and hurricanes can threaten Belize, normally in the months of June – November. If you are traveling anywhere in the Caribbean, you should have a contingency plan during those months. It might be as simple as purchasing travel insurance so that you can make a claim if your flights or prepaid hotel stays are disrupted by a storm. If there is a storm approaching, we will advise guests of any recommendations made by Belize’s national weather and safety authorities and guests will be required to comply, even if that means early evacuation.